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FINding your voice

I got a PhD because I wanted to help solve the problems we're facing today. As I was tinkering with synthetic biology tools in the lab, I realized that I could make a much greater impact by inspiring people to change how we treat the Earth.


Today, instead of writing DNA sequences in the lab, I use words to change the way people think about biology. Off-the-Clock Scientist Substack is my creative outlet and pulpit.

I believe that every scientist, every company has a unique story that can move people. Every single one of us is driven by a goal that makes us wake up every morning in hopes of bringing that vision to reality and finding the solutions to the health, environmental, and economic challenges we face.


You want to use the passion that comes through in your authentic voice to tell the world WHY what you are doing is important. 

I can help you find that voice. 


Katia Tarasava, PhD
Freelance Science Writer

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